10 things we learnt this week: 20 May 2016

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By Eleanor O'Neill, CA Today

20 May 2016

A round-up of the recent top content you may have missed from CA Today

1. CAs invited to EU debates in London and Glasgow

CAs are invited to two debates ahead of the EU referendum on 23 June 2016. The Glasgow event will be held on 8 June, while the London debate, which is on 14 June, is organised in association with ICAEW, CAANZ, SAICA and CAI.

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2. Drone technology is an emerging market for business services

A report from PwC has valued the emerging global market for business services using drone technology at over $127bn. Infrastructure, agriculture and transport are projected to be the three most affected industries.

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3. KPMG is set to replace PwC as Standard Life's auditor

KPMG will be taking over audit duties at Standard Life at the end of this financial year. The move will be confirmed at the company's 2017 AGM.

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4. The highest paying jobs in finance were revealed

Investment bankers top the list of the highest earners in finance, according to a new report. Less profitable occupations include fund management, banking research and risk assessment.

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5. Sweden tops the European chart for gender equality

New research has revealed the statistics for workplace gender equality in Europe and the USA. Sweden, Norway and Finland took the top three spots, while the UK finished 11th.

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6. Accountants have helped shape history

Did you know accountants discovered writing? Or that the 'Father of Accounting' was friends with Leonardo da Vinci? We put together a list of some of the most important and influential accountants that have made the history books.

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7. The Insolvency Service has increased director disqualification periods

Regulatory figures have revealed that the average disqualification period imposed on directors by the Insolvency Service has increased since last year.

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8. We heard from One Young CA judge Natalie Bretherick CA

Natalie Bretherick CA is an Analyst at QMPF, an ICAS Foundation mentor, a Career Connect mentee and a judge in the 2016 One Young CA competition.

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9. The changes to the VAT flat rate scheme were explained

HMRC recently updated its guidance on the flat rate scheme that offers administrative savings to small businesses.

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10. The world's first robot lawyer was hired

US law firm Baker & Hostetler has employed ROSS, an IBM artificial intelligence system, to help out in its bankruptcy practice.

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