CES 2016 and business tech of the future

CES 2015
By Kyle McHatton, CA Today

11 January 2015

What technology will the business professionals of the future be using? CES 2016 provided some insights.

CA Today takes a look at some of the technology and gadgets announced at CES the global technology trade show which took place in Las Vegas last week.

Microsoft wants to turn your car into a mobile office

Office 365 on the move

Harman and Microsoft are to work together on bringing products such as Microsoft Office 365 into tomorrow’s connected cars, to make them more productive, convenient and useful.

The companies said that commuting time need not be wasted time, although we're assuming that this comes with the customary driver safety messages about using devices on the move. This first project aims to make Office 365 products accessible to in-car users with the help of intelligent personal assistant software.

Harman and Microsoft said drivers can complete tasks without compromising safety, including scheduling meetings, hearing and responding to emails, automatically joining conference calls without having to manually input the phone number and passcode, and seamlessly managing events and tasks throughout the day.

Drivers will also be able to hold Skype calls and conferences when in park, or on the road in autonomous vehicles. In addition, with HARMAN’s over-the-air (OTA) incremental update capabilities, the most current version of Office 365 will always be accessible to drivers.

On the announcement at CES 2016, Microsoft’s Executive Vice-President of Business Development, Peggy Johnson said: “Bringing the power of Office 365 into Harman’s connected car systems will provide new productivity solutions and transform the driving experience.

“By ensuring that Office 365 services are seamlessly integrated with car and driver telematics and performance data, we will allow consumers to be more productive during their driving hours, while enjoying far greater convenience, safety and reliability.”

This collaboration represents a new emphasis on productivity within the car. With access to relevant Office 365 services through

Potential tasks Harman and Microsoft want to bring into the car include:

  • Responding to emails
  • Managing events
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Joining conference calls
  • Holding Skype calls

When it comes to seeing the bigger picture, smaller can mean better

The Cube - CES 2016

As with all advances in technology, smaller is always the way forward. We are all used to seeing chunky projectors sitting in meeting rooms. But this is soon to be consigned to the history books with the Cube, a pocket-sized projector that can turn a smartphone, tablet or laptop display into a 120-inch projection.

Compatible with any HDMI/MHL device, the Cube is designed to enhance the mobile experiences our lives revolve around, from socialising and sharing, to teaching and creating. Pull up a YouTube clip on your tablet, browse blogs on your phone, host a movie night on your laptop – with the Cube, you can explore your favourite media in an entirely new light, the manufacturers say.

Say goodbye to language barriers

ili Translator

Language barriers can be a hurdle for travellers abroad, and while apps like Google Translate simplify communication in real time, users sometimes lose nuances as they fiddle with smartphones while at dinner or in a taxi.

Now ili, a wearable translator from Japanese company Logbar, aims to change that. It automatically translates languages at the push of a button to help people talk to each other in English, Japanese and Chinese.

Each ili device contains a two-language translation system featuring English-Japanese, Japanese-Chinese, or Chinese-English. The wearable supposedly lets you translate up to 50,000 words and phrases without Wi-Fi or mobile data, powered by the operating system contained on the device.

When it's widely available, ili is expected to cost about $200 and offer one day of battery life, but Logbar hasn't set an exact price yet. It also plans to roll out more languages, including French, Thai, Korean, Spanish, Italian, and Arabic, though it hasn't given a timetable for those rollouts.

Build your own PC to meet your personal needs

Acer Revo Build - CES 2015

Acer has announced the Revo Build M1-601, a super-small Windows 10 desktop computer that can be expanded and customised with a series of stackable blocks that occupy 125 sq mm on your desk.

If you want to expand the machine's standard 32GB storage, you can add a 500GB or 1TB external hard drive in a case that sits on top. Each block connects to the one below using magnetic coupling and pogo pins just like a tower of Lego bricks and enables you to create a PC that grows in capability with each addition to meet your needs.

Are there any new gadgets you are looking forward to trying out? Let us know by leaving a comment below


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