Is a posting overseas right for me?

By Kirsty Peacock, Operations Director FPSG Specialist Recruitment

12 March 2019

Moving overseas is an exciting prospect and it is important to consider the opportunity carefully before you make the move.

If you do your research and accept the role with eyes wide open, the rewards can be huge both professionally and personally. But accepting a role in haste which may not suit your personal and professional situation can set you back on the career ladder.

At FPSG, we have created some key questions to help our candidates decide whether they are making the right move.

Motivation – why now?

Consider why you are accepting the role. Is this a time in your life when you have the freedom to work overseas? Is it the right time to move from your current job? Does this suit your long-term plan? Does it fit in with your family’s needs? In short, are you doing this for the right reasons?

Is your family going with you?

Has this been discussed with your future employer and will they help with relocation and settlement? If you are going alone, how often would you like to come home? How can you get home in an emergency? Consider these situations carefully and make sure your new posting will allow you to meet your family’s needs.

Does the location of your posting meet your and/or your family's needs?

Is there adequate housing and schooling? How quickly can this be arranged? Does the climate and lifestyle suit you?

Do you have existing connections in the area?

Are there social networks you can tap into? Research clubs and events that you can join to create networks before you relocate – and don’t forget that there may be fellow CAs there who may be able to help you settle in.

How can I decide whether this opportunity is for me?

Find out as much detail as possible about the job, the expectations of your future employer, your team and the management structure.

How will your performance be measured? What opportunities are there for you to expand your knowledge beyond your current role? Look at your professional networks through LinkedIn and see if you have contacts you can make for feedback before you accept.

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