The 10 most popular stories on CA Today in 2016

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By Eleanor O'Neill, CA Today

16 December 2016

It's been a busy year for accountancy and business news on CA Today. Here we take a look back at our most viewed articles of 2016.

1. The top 30 accountancy firms for 2016 revealed

Research by CA magazine revealed the top 30 UK and Scottish accountancy firms, and the top 10 global firms, in 2016.

2. The top 35 CAs under 35

The release of the list of the top 35 CAs under 35, as part of the One Young CA competition, was one of our most viewed articles this year. Rimla Akhtar MBE CA went on to be crowned the overall winner and represented ICAS at the One Young World Summit in Ottawa, Canada.

3. 10 accountancy facts for International Accounting Day

10 November was International Accounting Day and to mark this special event, we put together some interesting and surprising facts about accountancy.

4. The end of the accounting profession as we know it?

Author and Oxford lecturer Daniel Susskind spoke to Andrew Harbison about what the future holds for accountants and other professionals, ahead of his appearance at the 2016 ICAS Conference.

5. Eight free apps to get you through the 9 to 5

The rise of smartphones has brought diverse, cheap and user-friendly software to the literal fingertips of business professionals everywhere. We selected our picks of the apps to help you get through the working day.

6. How-to Handbook: 10 tips for Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular cloud-based email clients serving businesses around the world. The CA Today team scoured the application and found 10 Outlook tools and tricks that you may not have been aware existed.

7. ICAS poses 20 questions on Brexit

Following the result of the EU referendum, ICAS experts put together 20 questions on business, trade, the policy gap, taxation and accounting for the UK's political leaders. 

8. Nine tips for Microsoft Powerpoint for CAs

Try employing these PowerPoint secrets to enhance your audience’s understanding of your message and make your presentation the best it can be.

9. How-to handbook: 10 tips for Word

Microsoft Word has long been synonymous with word processing and digital document creation. Eleanor O'Neill examined the ins-and-outs of the program to find 10 useful tips and tricks to make you a Word wizard.

10. The top 10 skills for professionals in the future

Data analysis, leadership and web development skills came out on top in our research of the the top skills required by the professionals of the future.


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