CA Magazine March 2015

1 March 2015

In our March 2015 cover story, Hong Kong, Britain's former stronghold and trading past in the Far East is well into its second decade of union with the People's Republic of China under the philosophy of "one country, two systems".

The situation is not without friction, as last year's demonstrations showed, and in the March issue, The CA talks to business leaders about Hong Kong's long-term future. We also meet the ICAS members who have made Hong Kong their home.

Also in this issue, we profile John Crawford, CFO with Pacific Blue Cross, one of Canada's largest and most influential healthcare insurers; while Margaret Hodge MP, Chair of the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee Chair tackles tax avoidance, evasion and the responsibility of the profession when it comes to clients paying what they should.

Our special report focuses on innovation: why it is so important, how to fund it and how to protect your intellectual property (IP). We explain the latest developments in tax credits for R&D and how the law is changing as regards IP protection.

The March issue also includes a report on the UK food & drink sector and a round table discussion, in association with the Bank of Scotland, with participants from the industry.


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