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By ICAS Editorial Team

7 January 2015

ICAS is looking for volunteers to serve on its Regulatory Committees.

The ICAS strategy of Building a Professional Community seeks to reinforce in members their lifelong professional identity as CAs and regard for the public interest. To serve the public interest effectively requires that the public's confidence in the accountancy profession is retained and that CAs deliver their services to the standards society expects of them.

Respect for the public interest within ICAS is achieved in a number of ways, including through rigorous regulatory procedures. ICAS has five Regulatory Committees, which are responsible for the main regulatory areas: audit, insolvency, public practice, professional conduct and continuing professional development. Each Regulatory Committee reports to the Regulation Board.

The Regulation Board would like to receive applications from members or from public interest members who are interested in contributing to the work of the Regulatory Committees.

If you are keen to become involved with ICAS and have an interest in the maintenance of professional standards, then please send your CV to:

Michelle Mullen, Executive Director, Regulation Division,
ICAS, CA House,
21 Haymarket Yards,
EH12 5BH

Alternatively, you can email


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