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Watch the Q&A session from our inaugural Challenging Conversations debate on pensions.

Leading experts from the pensions industry covered a lot of ground at the inaugural Challenging Conversations debate in June. From the 'mid-life' MOT to the rise in auto-enrolment contributions and portability of pension pots to the social care crisis.

Watch the full video in under 20 minutes or fast-forward to the topic you want to watch using the time indicators below.

  • Is the state pension age likely to be increased further? (0:00-2m22s)
  • What age should you have your 'mid-life' MOT? (2:40-3:50)
  • Can blue-collar workers be expected to work until they are 70 years old? (4:18-4:50)
  • Should the government revisit plans to reform pensions tax relief? (4:55-7:18)
  • Should tax relief be abolished in order to raise the state pension to an acceptable level? (7:19-8:33)
  • Are annuities dead money? (10:11-11:10)
  • Could dashboard technology enable savers to consolidate multiple pension pots with one provider? (11:09-12:36)
  • Will opt-outs increase as auto-enrolment contributions increase? (12:36-13:34)
  • Could the government increase auto-enrolment contributions beyond the 8% rate coming into force in 2019? (15:25-17:02)

Watch the Q&A:

The event, took place in Edinburgh on 12 June and included:

  • Maggie Craig, Head of the Financial Conduct Authority’s Scotland office
  • Jamie Jenkins, Head of Pensions Strategy, Standard Life
  • Clare Reilly, Head of Corporate Development, PensionBee
  • Henry Tapper, Founder of the Pension PlayPen
  • Rob Yuille, Head of Retirement Policy at the Association of British Insurers.

Pensions is the first big issue that ICAS is debating as part of our Challenging Conversations initiative.


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