BDO announces 'strategic alliance' with Microsoft

By Andrew Harbison, CA Today

4 October 2016

BDO has announced a strategic alliance with tech giant Microsoft to help accelerate the digital transformation of its clients’ businesses.

The global business, accounting and advisory firm will be working with Microsoft on both existing and new solutions designed to deliver digitally-focused services to its clients.

Using the cloud based Microsoft Azure, BDO aims to provide a global portal for its clients, giving them a space to enhance their digital experience and service workflow.

The integration of BDO’s data analytics tool, BDO Advantage, powered by Microsoft Azure and services such as Microsoft’s Cortana Intelligence Suite, will further enrich the audit experience, enabling BDO professionals to better understand and respond to risks.

BDO also said that it will be partnering up with “key cloud accounting providers across the world”. By using Microsoft NAV, the firm hopes to provide its clients with increased “agility and flexibility in their service delivery.”

Martin van Roekel, global CEO of BDO, recognises that the professional services market is in a constant state of change and welcomes this collaboration.

He said: “Our strategic alliance with Microsoft will create new and exciting opportunities for BDO Member Firms to expand upon the in-depth knowledge they have of their clients and provide them with powerful insights, in both a financial and operational capacity.

"BDO Global IT’s vision is for the network to become the enabler of efficiency in their profession, supporting BDO clients through transformational change and providing new ideas and innovative thinking to contribute to their commercial success, helping them achieve their objectives.”

Max Long, corporate vice president enterprise global delivery, Microsoft Corp, said: “Businesses across the globe are undergoing digital transformation. We’re thrilled to work with BDO, harnessing our joint power to develop the frameworks and tools to provide BDO clients with leading technology, data and insights.”

Source: BDO

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