Auto-enrolment: The half-way point

By Craig Gibson, Managing Director at AGL Corporate Services

24 November 2015

Craig Gibson, Managing Director of AGL Corporate Services, discusses the progress of auto-enrolment so far and how you can help your clients meet their staging deadline.

We are already more than half way through the auto-enrolment implementation period (October 2012 - March 2018). 5% of employers have reached their staging date and successfully implanted auto-enrolment. However, January will see 100,000 companies looking to implement the new pension strategy and with the large SME market due to reach their staging date in April 2016, the next two years are going to be busy.

Auto-enrolment needs to be approached pro-actively. The first step to ensuring our clients meet their auto-enrolment staging date is to open up communications with them sooner rather than later. This avoids a panicked discussion a month before the deadline when there might be dozens of employers looking for an immediate solution. To make this easier we've put together a checklist of essentials and the little extras that could make your clients transfer to auto-enrolment easier.


  • Independent middleware software if their payroll system cannot perform assessment, record keeping and communications for auto-enrolment, but hopefully it already can;
  • A pension provider who can guarantee to accept any scheme they wish to place with it, irrespective of average premiums or member number;
  • The ability to enrol multiple employers into a scheme on their behalf;
  • The ability to upload multiple contribution reports for multiple employers on one file each pay reference period.


  • A default investment strategy delivering best member outcomes;
  • a robust system for dealing with opt ins and opt outs - some employees may have other pension arrangement set up;
  • The ability to do all of the above at a low cost to the employer.

AGL Corporate Services have a workplace pension specialist team who can run employee seminars and provide one to one advice to employers if required. Keeping your employees involved is key to a good working relationship, especially where savings are concerned.

If you have questions regarding your auto-enrolment staging date and how you cold make the transition easier for you and your employees, please contact Craig Gibson of AGL Corporate Services on 0141 314 3765 or email


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