Arthur Andersen returns to the world stage with global offices

Dawn in Paris
By Eleanor O'Neill, CA Today

2 March 2017

Professional firm Arthur Andersen have announced that they will be relaunching worldwide operations after a four-year effort.

Arthur Andersen was originally founded in 1913, and effectively dissolved at the end of 2002 with the name remaining active as a holding company.

Efforts were made to revive the business from their European headquarters in Paris, France in 2013, and a year later, former partners of Arthur Andersen bought the rights to the name and re-branded as Andersen Tax in San Francisco.

Now it has been confirmed that the firm is relaunching in full, and commencing operations in 16 countries across the globe under the title Arthur Andersen & Co. 

Carlo Alberto Brusa, Partner, Spokesperson and Pilot of the project, said: “It is a colossal job of reconstruction we’ve undertaken. It has also been a constant legal battle.

"Setting up our firm worldwide from the time it re-launches is proof that our pugnacity has paid off. It seemed incredible, but we were convinced of the pertinence of our initiative and our business model.

"A successful gamble against all comers who repeatedly explained to us what to do or why it wouldn’t work.”

Arthur Andersen needs to become once again a synonym for world excellence in professional service.

The new locations of the firm include offices in the United States, Greece, India, Brazil, Qatar and Egypt. The process for hiring new leaders in these regions began in 2016.

Speaking at a press conference on 1 March 2017, Global Managing Partner Stéphane Laffont-Réveilhac stressed that the firm was focused on looking forward.

He said: “In each country, we are setting up an inter-professional member firm with high-quality players who are fully up to meeting the current needs of clients with a focus on a vision of the future, while maintaining the spirit and historical values of our historic firm founded in 1913 in Chicago."

Véronique Martinez, also an Arthur Andersen & Co. Partner, added: "We have a moral responsibility of success and loyalty towards the values and Alumni, both Partners and employees, of the firm that disappeared from the business world in 2002.

"Arthur Andersen needs to become once again a synonym for world excellence in professional service."


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