Anton Colella: Supporting the future generations

ICAS CEO Anton Colella
Anton Colella By Anton Colella, ICAS CEO

30 October 2015

As someone who has just become a proud grandfather for the first time, I’ve never been more invested in hope for the next generation.

It’s the same at work as it is at home.

So much of what we are doing at ICAS right now is about the next generation of CAs and the next generation of leaders.

I had the honour of presenting the “One Young CA” award to Indy Hothi CA, a young economic analyst from EY, recently.

Indy and the other 32 young CAs who were nominated in this new ICAS initiative have all being doing remarkable things - putting their skills, expertise and experience to good effect for the benefit of others.

Indy has been on the front line delivering humanitarian aid projects in many of the world’s hotspots.

He’s shown a dedication and a care for humankind which demonstrates a moral purpose to be admired.

Indy will now attend the world’s leading youth summit “One Young World” in Thailand in November on our behalf.

We are delighted to have more than 400 participants in our global, virtual career mentoring programme; which is inspiring connections between CAs all over the world.

We are also making impressive progress with the ICAS Foundation, which is now supporting 60 students through bursaries amounting to around half a million pounds.

Each student receives financial support and a mentor who is a CA.  Many of the students have done paid internships in our ICAS firms and businesses, learning on the front line.

This is ICAS making a difference.  For assurance of that, just read the words of one young Foundation student who has been transformed by the opportunity.

“This is the first time anyone has believed in me”.

You can find out more about how to support the ICAS Foundation on its website.


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