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Anton Colella
Anton Colella By Anton Colella, ICAS CEO

8 April 2016

The vision of creating a truly global network of CAs is becoming a reality and digital technology is playing an important part.

I believe ICAS is one of the most powerful networks in the world.

The challenge as we become more global and we grow beyond 21,000 members is how do we keep connecting you with others in the CA community?

One answer has been to create CA Connect, a digital tool which means you can search and connect with fellow members wherever they are in the world.

It includes a “Near Me” feature where you can use your smartphone to find and message CAs located near you whether you are jumping off the plane in Singapore or off the tram at Haymarket.

It also allows you to find CAs by searching by firm or business.

And you can even find all those who qualified in the same year as you.

This online search tool has been specifically designed for ICAS members.

CA Connect is also a sign of a determination to innovate, to serve our members better.

Last year saw the launch of, our new, globally-focused website. This is a modern platform for modern content.  We followed this up in the autumn with the launch of our hugely successful  news service for finance professionals  - CA Today.

We are now running CA Today Canada and CA Today Australia too.

When we launched the vision of creating a ‘Virtual ICAS’, we wanted to use digital technology to create a truly global network of CAs. That vision is now becoming a reality.

Our face-to-face events will always be a mainstay of what ICAS does but this new development is crucial to making digital connections.

At ICAS, we have invested in our digital future. Over the coming months we will be letting you know about some of the other innovations in development.

These are exciting times at ICAS.

Please try CA Connect and let us know what you think.


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