Anton Colella - All eyes on the election outcome

Anton Colella By Anton Colella, ICAS CEO

1 May 2015

While the outcome of the General Election may be unclear, ICAS has a clear commitment to ensuring our voice is heard at Westminster.

Britain is poised at the ballot box.

It has been a remarkable campaign so far. Never mind what may come after 7 May.

The only thing that is clear about the result is – it is very likely to be unclear.

The Conservatives have put the economy at the heart of their campaign.  Their pitch is that they are best for business. 

Labour have tried to position themselves as being credible for the economy but taking a more compassionate approach to tackling the debt and deficit.

The Lib-Dems say they are the people who will moderate the extremities of the others.

Perhaps the most surprising part of the campaign, wherever you live in the UK, has been the rise of the SNP in Westminster politics.  One recent poll claimed they might win every seat in Scotland. 

Although it remains to be seen whether the rise of the SNP means a rise in support for Independence from the clear "No" vote in September's referendum. 

ICAS has played its part on behalf of our members.  We published a manifesto which focussed on:

  • The need to simplify our tax system
  • Ensuring we tackle the pensions crisis
  • Securing better funding for SMEs
  • And the need to do something about the unregulated and unqualified who provide tax and accountancy services.

I am sure that many of you have raised your eyebrows and coughed into your breakfast cereal at many of the pronouncements of our political leaders over the past few weeks.  The Conservatives' plan to legislate against tax rises in the next five years might have been one of them! 

Whoever wins next week's election, ICAS is poised to build new relationships with the key people in power on behalf of you from the moment the dust settles on the ballot boxes.

Meanwhile, we hold our breath to find out the shape of the Westminster Government for the next five years.


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