Anton Colella: 10 years as Chief Executive of ICAS

Anton Colella
Anton Colella By Anton Colella, ICAS CEO

31 October 2016

As Anton Colella reaches his 10-year milestone as Chief Executive of ICAS, he reflects on the last decade and looks forward to the future.

To have been Chief Executive of ICAS over the past 10 years has been a great honour, and a great privilege.

And I still feel the same sense of honour and privilege now as when I first became CEO.

I remember feeling slight trepidation in those first few days and weeks, being fairly new to the accounting profession. But I did all that I could to adapt quickly, and I am so grateful for all of the opportunities and experiences I’ve had during my time here.  

As I come to the end of this 10 years it’s a chance to reflect on what we have achieved – and what I’ve learnt along the way.

One of my proudest achievements is the rising levels of engagement we’ve seen with our members – particularly with our younger members.

The face of ICAS is changing and it’s wonderful to see that today almost 60% of attendees at our events are under the age of 35. I feel truly honoured to be playing a part in developing the next generation of global business leaders.

At a time when people are questioning the relevance of professional institutes, we have higher levels of involvement than ever before, from our members, our committees and our boards.

We’re seeing more and more of our CAs expressing a real pride in being a member of ICAS and a desire to be active in the life of the Institute, rather than simply being qualified.

This increased involvement is not just from our members in the UK – but around the world. I’m delighted that we’ve been able to establish thriving international communities of CAs, from Auckland to Zurich.

I also believe that our professional reputation is stronger than ever, thanks to initiatives such as the Power of One, which has positioned ICAS as a global leader in ethics. We will continue to do more to strengthen our global influence and represent the views of our members at Westminster and Holyrood.

I feel that we have now become a professional family for our members, where people are supported, cared for, and provided with the things they need for their working lives.

This support is particularly evident in the work of the ICAS Foundation, which is currently supporting 95 academically talented young people from disadvantaged communities with funding and mentoring to enable them to study accountancy or finance at university. 

Establishing the ICAS Foundation is an initiative I am enormously proud of, and I encourage all of our members to support its work however you can.

All of these successes have been supported by my outstanding staff, executive team and volunteers.

And I’ve also been greatly blessed to work with 10 outstanding Presidents, who have each brought something new to their role. I’ve learnt valuable lessons about how to be a better Chief Executive from each and every one of them.

It is exciting as we look forward to what ICAS is going to do in the next 10 years. We are investing in the priorities we need to focus on to shape the future of ICAS.

We are clear about where we want to go, and the type of organisation we want to be.

Thank you for being a part of our journey so far.


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