Admission Ceremony 2016 - live this weekend

ICAS Admission Ceremony

16 March 2016

Watch this year’s Admission Ceremony for newly qualified members live and on demand – and take part in the event on social media.

Preparations are almost complete for Admission Ceremony 2016 on Saturday, 19 March and you can watch the event live and on demand on this page.

The Admission Ceremony is one of the biggest annual events in the ICAS calendar and we will be welcoming more than 300 newly qualified members to membership at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre on Saturday.

Colleagues, friends, family and members can watch the event live from 1100 GMT on Saturday and access the recording on demand soon after.

Follow the celebrations on social media

There will also be live tweeting and Instagram updates, and you can read and share messages using the hashtag #ICASclassof2016.

At the ceremony, new CAs and their guests will hear inspiring speeches from, among others, ICAS Chief Executive Anton Colella and One Young CA winner Indy Hothi CA.

Inspiration and celebration are never far from the proceedings and newly qualified members will also learn about the honour and responsibility that come with joining ICAS. As part of the ceremony, they will take an ethical oath emphasising their professional commitment.

Newly qualified CAs can now discover the many benefits to membership - from professional development opportunities through to networking events.

And CAs can keep in touch throughout their professional lives with our new service CA Connect.

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