Accounting - there's an app for that

By Joel Oliver

23 September 2014

Joel Oliver of My Firms App says accountants can use apps to deliver added value in business.

Accountancy has always been a highly personal industry with business owners often seeing their accountant and solicitor as part of their personal team - vital to the successful running of their enterprises. That personal connection can now take on an even more intimate role thanks to technologies like accountancy apps.

Business owners want on-demand services delivered to them via a number of channels. This invariably means using the mobile device they are using every day. One of the best ways your accountancy practice can embrace these devices is with the development of an app. Accountancy firms that have developed an app report an increase in quality lead generation. An app is an essential lead generation tactic.

The connections your business is making are the foundation of all effective accountancy lead generation strategies. Fooks & Co senior partner, Dave Collins says: "I have to say that having an app is one of the best decisions we have ever made as a practice. It has completely changed the way in which we interact with our clients. In the past, it was always difficult to find time to communicate with clients - apart from the time of year when accounts were due - so there was nothing that could be considered to be a 'relationship'."

Jo Causon, CEO at the Institute of Customer Service, says: "As the economy begins to grow, organisations need to recognise that the customer service experience they deliver is increasingly important in customers' buying decisions. Those organisations that focus on differentiating through customer service are well placed to achieve sustainable performance. But to do this they need to view customer service as integral to building customer relationships across the value chain, not just as a series of transactions."

Agile accountancy firms will be responsive, lightweight and decisive. They will be early adopters, embracing new routes to market, prepared to take a few risks in pursuit of significant reward and profits.

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