Accountants fear technology will destroy jobs - survey

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By Ellen Arnison

13 October 2016

Accountants are scared that increasing automation will destroy their jobs and that they’ll be left behind because they lack the right skills, according to a new survey.

A survey carried out for revealed that four in ten accountants fear for their professional futures with that number rising to 50% for those under 30.

The role of the accountant has changed over the past five to ten years according to eight in ten of those questioned.

As concern rises about future job prospects, more than half of accountants surveyed said they are looking to set up their own business in the future.  

Fears about their roles in the profession are of much more concern than worries about Brexit to accountants. Less than a fifth feel threatened by the UK’s exit from Europe.

Skills, skills and more skills...

Career change is on the minds of many accountants with a sixth admitting to wanting a change, either to industry or practice. Four in ten are actively looking for a new job and more than a third want a role that takes them abroad.

However, fears about the interview process (a third admit to hating it) keep many from applying for jobs. And almost a half say that concerns about the economic climate, their lack of the right skills and worries about how things will turn out keep them from making the move.

Simon Wright, Operations Director, said: “Skills, skills and more skills are what today’s accountants need more than ever before.

“Whether it’s fear of one’s role in the profession, going for interviews, networking or moving across to practice or industry, accountants cannot be paralysed by fear and instead need to embrace change.”

He urged accountants to arm themselves with as broad a range of skills as possible and to demand training anywhere they perceive a gap.

“If bosses are unwilling to help, then accountants should consider investing time and money outside their workplace or strike now and move to another company who will provide better career development support.”



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