Accountancy jobs are the best in the UK

By Andrew Harbison, CA Today

24 January 2017

Three out of the top five jobs in the UK are accounting- and finance-based positions, according to a new report.

The third annual ‘Best Jobs in the UK’ report from Glassdoor has crowned the role of finance manager as the best job to have in the UK in 2017, moving up from second place in last year’s list. Tax manager takes second place while audit manager features at fourth.

The jobs are ranked by examining three key areas: earning potential based on median annual base salary, job satisfaction rating and number of job openings.

Out of all the jobs on the list, finance manager has the highest median base salary, at £68,000.

Top 25 Jobs in the UK for 2017

Position Median base salary
1. Finance manager£68,000
2. Tax manager £59,228
3. Design manager£55,000
4. Audit manager£59,500
5. HR manager£50,000
6. Data scientist£45,000
7. Supply chain manager£53,000
8. Solutions architect£65,000
10. Communications manager£46,800
11. Commercial manager£65,000
12. Marketing manager£45,000
13. Operations manager£50,000
14. Risk manager£60,000
15. Site manager£45,000
16. PHP developer£34,500
17. Product manager£55,000
18. Project engineer £40,000
19. Technical architect£66,000
20. Maintenance manager£45,000
21. Payroll manager£38,533
22. Mobile developer£52,500
23. Business analyst£40,891
24. Project manager£47,500
25. Brand manager£43,750

“This report reinforces that the best jobs are highly-skilled and are staying ahead of the growing trend toward workplace automation. The finance and tech industries are well represented on this list, both of which the UK is renowned for,” said Dr Andrew Chamberlain, Glassdoor Chief Economist.

The report also shows that businesses are recognising the importance of switching to digital, with six roles featured on the list falling into the tech sector.

Dr Chamberlain said that “companies across all industries are hiring workers for these much needed positions. Any organisation today with a mobile app, web presence or digitised data are struggling to fill positions like data scientists, solutions architect and mobile developers.”

Source: Glassdoor


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