How to attract and retain great employees with your rewards strategy

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By Standard Life

1 December 2018

As an employer, you’ll know that retaining and attracting the best employees is essential for business success.

To become an employer of choice, companies are better positioned if they have an effective reward structure in place. Not only can a well-thought-out reward structure help attract the best talent, it can also boost employee productivity, creativity, motivation and overall engagement.

Many employers consider their employees’ long-term financial wellbeing one of their top priorities, and as part of their reward package, the pension scheme they offer their employees will play a critical part.

However, in addition to a firm’s pension offering, taking a a single holistic view over the entire benefits package has some distinct advantages.

A more efficient, streamlined process

You can do more for your people and do it more efficiently. Imagine having all the benefits you offer to your employees in a single view: Pension, healthcare, cycle to work, childcare vouchers, gym and sports memberships, shopping, travel discount packages and more. Choosing a pension provider that can offer an integrated approach to your complete reward strategy can make your offering much more accessible and user-friendly. An integrated approach to your benefits package is a win-win for both you, and your employees.

As an employer, it means you don’t have to manage a raft of suppliers and their different systems. You have better visibility of spend, your data, and improved MI helps to increase controls and reduce risks. It also helps you spot gaps and opportunities.

For your employees a one-stop-shop for their benefits package increases their perceived value of the rewards on offer, and it improves their experience and engagement.

10 reasons to consider an all-in-one approach

1. A single point of contact

Makes the process more efficient, dealing with one provider as opposed to several, allowing you to build more knowledge about your entire reward package.

2. A single view

You’ll be able to see everything about your reward strategy, spend and trends, in one place. Data is always up to date, so you can run MI reports to help you manage and plan.

3. Reduced risks

A reliable real time single source of data means you don’t have to try and reconcile lots of different systems – particularly on payroll and tax calculations.

4. Reduced administration

Working with one front-end instead of multiple screens will translate into less administration – this means you’ll save time and be more productive.

5. More perceived value

Your employees will value their benefits more when they can see what you provide in one view. And it makes it easier for them to engage with the benefits available to them.

6. Consistent service

Different services carried out by different contacts can lead to inconsistency. All services are delivered with the same holistic approach and shared objectives.

7. Better information

If you use different systems, there’s a risk of time-lag or different formats of data that can compromise your decision making. An integrated solution fixes the problem.

8. Better control and visibility

When everything is in one place you have better visibility of your benefits – and you are likely to have fewer fees and ad-hoc charges because you aren’t dealing with lots of suppliers.

9. Data supports robust governance

You can see your scheme’s data and trends clearly and use the tools to help you make decisions.

10. Consistent employee messages for better engagement

You want the right messages going out to the right people at the right time. A single view for employees means you can ensure your employees get consistent messages, and improved data segmentation means you can segment and tailor messages for specific employee groups.

Standard Life’s integrated solution, Lifelens can align to your reward strategy, offering you and your employees all the benefits of a user friendly holistic view.

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