Five gadgets for CAs

Robot vacuum
By Andrew Harbison, CA Today

24 March 2017

From luxury fitness trackers and robot house keepers, here are five innovative gadgets to make your life easier. 

1. Charger case

It’s a familiar story. You’re not even halfway through your day when you glance at your phone and the battery bar is an ominous shade of red.

Not a problem if you’re in the office, just plug it into the nearest power point or USB port. But if you are out and about it’s not that easy.

Charger cases are a great way of boosting your phone’s battery life when you are on the go, ensuring you are always contactable (even if you’d rather not be).

The apple battery case for the iPhone 6 can offer up to 25 hours of talk time and up to 18 hours of internet use.

2. Fitness Tracker

Keeping active isn’t always that easy throughout the work day, especially if most of it is spent sitting in front of a computer.

Over the last couple of years, wearable fitness trackers have exploded onto the health and wellbeing market, with hundreds of variations of the technology to choose from. They can be great at providing reminders to hop out of your seat and get your blood flowing.

A companion app is often included with the device which can track your vital signs, steps taken and even help you with a healthy meal plan.

The Garmin vivomove is a fitness tracker with a difference. Instead of the usual digital display, this watch has an analogue watch face with a red bar that builds with every 15 minutes of inactivity.

3. All-in-one card

In 2015, it was reported that card payments overtook the use of cash for the first time. But as peoples’ wallets and purses fill up with debit, credit, membership, loyalty, rewards and gift cards, it can be difficult to keep track of them all.

Stratos provides customers with an all-in-one card, allowing you to “consolidate your wallet”. The company will send you out a reader to swipe all your cards through. The information on each card can then be sent to the Stratos card via a companion app.

The card boasts “bank-level encryption”, and can instantly lock the card down if it is lost or stolen.

4. The smart home

A smart home is one where the heating and electronic devices can be controlled remotely from a smart phone or similar device.

There are hundreds of devices currently available to help you transform your home into the house of the future.

Take the pain out of chores with a Neato Robotics vacuum cleaner which will buzz round your home by itself, cleaning as it goes. Or get a headstart on your morning caffeine fix with the Smarter Coffee Machine which sends you a text when your morning cup of joe is ready.

5. A stylish docking station

There are many high-tech docking stations available for your smart phone, but why not try going low tech.

The Concert Tandem is a docking station carved out of wood which can charge your iPhone, Apple Watch and play audio through its built-in speaker.

The docks are also sold separately, with stations for tablets available too.


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