10 things we learnt this week: 4 March 2016

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By Isabelle Bell, CA Today

4 March 2016

A round-up of recent top content you may have missed from CA Today.

1. The Big Four are dominating the UK consulting market

The consulting arms of the Big Four are growing five times faster than the UK economy and are outperforming the wider consulting market. EY, Deloitte, PwC and KPMG have all recently invested heavily in consulting and undertaken a number of acquisitions to expand their operations in the sector.

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2. Women accountants still earn £17,000 less than men

With just a few days until International Women’s Day, new research shows that female accountants earn an average total remuneration of £67,680 a year, compared to the £84,970 earned by male practitioners. Companies employing more than 250 people must disclose their pay gap by 2018.

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3. London is home to the most 'highly skilled' people in the world

London is the “soft power” capital of the world and has more highly-skilled jobs than any other city, according to a new report by Deloitte. The UK capital now employs 1.7 million highly-skilled people, compared to 1.16 million in New York.

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4. London Business School produces more CEOs than Oxford

Graduates of London Business School, Cambridge University and Birmingham University are the most likely to become a CEO or other C-Suite business leader, a new study as found. However, Oxford, Cambridge and Edinburgh alumni are the most likely to earn over £500,000+.

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5. Working from home is more popular than ever with accountants

A poll of UK professionals found that nearly half would prefer the option of working at home at least some of the time. Accounting and finance professionals are among the most likely to have the home-working option.

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6. The number of privately educated FTSE 100 CEOs is going down

The number of privately educated FTSE 100 CEOs has dropped from 70% in 1987 to 34% today. Judges (74%), barristers (71%) and doctors (61%) are among the most privately educated professions.

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7. Four quirky tax reliefs in the UK

Tax reliefs are useful in supporting key sectors and vulnerable groups, yet they can be notoriously complex to navigate. Nicola Sinclair reveals some of the quirkier of the UK's tax reliefs.

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8. CAs in Australia share their views on 'Brexit'

In the UK people are deeply divided over the Brexit issue. But what does it look like from Australia? Chris Sheedy finds out.

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9. Smaller accountancy practices are less optimistic this year

While still positive overall, small-medium-sized practices (SMPs) are less optimistic about their prospects for 2016, IFAC’s international survey shows. ‘Attracting new clients’ and ‘keeping up with new regulations and standards’ are the two top challenges for SMPs.

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10. Reporting chief shares his formula for better decision making

Integrated reporting will provide greater benefits to business through “three shifts” in capital markets, according to Paul Druckman, CEO of the IIRC - one of the world's leading experts.

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