10 of the most unusual and beautiful office spaces in the world

By Andrew Harbison, CA Today

17 May 2017

We spend a lot of time in the office. 1,842 hours a year in fact, on average. That's 92,120 hours over a lifetime. Here's our round-up of some of the most creative and impressive offices in the world.

WARNING: The images featured below are guaranteed to give you major office envy.

1. Kickstarter HQ, New York

Kickstarter allows people to advertise projects they are planning, set a funding target and collect donations to help the organiser reach their funding goal.

The creativity of the company and the projects they host is mirrored in the architecture of their New York HQ.

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Plush leather chairs in the library are the perfect place to work on your laptop or enjoy a lunchtime read.

Floor to ceiling windows flood the space with natural light, and the third floor cinema hosts private screenings for employees.

2. GitHub, San Francisco

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The San Francisco based office of software company GitHub is something to behold.

The minimalistic decor of exposed brickwork is effortlessly stylish. However, if you are feeling particularly powerful why not hold a meeting in the company's exact replica of the Oval Office?

But the jewel in the crown of this office has got to be the staff lounge.

A fully stocked bar, dancefloor, DJ booth and pool table proves that GitHub knows how their employees like to relax after a long day.

3. Airbnb, San Francisco

Airbnb has gone from strength to strength over the past few years. The company’s website is a place for people to advertise and rent lodging all over the world.

Their San Francisco HQ offers employees a naturally bright and comfortable working environment.

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Meeting landings overlook a central courtyard where people can relax, collaborate and take in the beautiful design of their workplace.

4. ICRAVE, New York

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ICRAVE is a New York based innovation and design studio, and the design and inventive use of space in their office does not disappoint.

The main conference room doors can rotate, creating a seamless open plan feel to the office.

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Need to let off a bit of stream? Why not make use of the archery facilities on your lunch?

5. Inventionland, Pittsburgh

Inventionland in Pittsburgh is an ‘idea incubator’, where corporations, retailers and inventors come to create innovative new products.

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‘Creationeers’ at Inventionland work in 16 unique themed sets, such as a shipwrecked pirate ship, faux cave, treehouse, pet shack, giant shoe, cupcake kitchen, giant robot and castle complete with turrets and drawbridge.

6. Google, Zurich

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The search engine Google has offices in cities across the globe, each one featuring quirky and unusual design features. It was difficult to choose just one for this list, however the Zurich office is particularly 'out there'.

Employees work inside vintage alpine ski-lift carriages and, of course, it wouldn’t be Google if there wasn’t a slide.

7. Mother London, London

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Open plan, open plan, open plan is what Mother London’s Soho office is all about. The advertising agency has been behind campaigns for Stella Artois, MoneySuperMarket and Ikea. Coming up with new ideas for ads requires a lot of collaboration between staff.

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This huge one-piece desk allows people to share thoughts with each other without having to pop their heads over pesky partitions.

8. Zappos, Las Vegas

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Have you ever looked around your office and thought, “I would be so much more productive if I worked in a jungle with a ball pit in the corner guarded by a zebra”? You have? Well then perhaps you should take a trip to Las Vegas to visit the offices of online retailer Zappos.com.

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Vegetation hanging from the ceiling, a crocodile in the ball pit and a throne room make this office one of the weirdest on the list.

9. Instrument, Portland

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Portland is often seen as the creative capital of the USA. Instrument is an independent creative agency who has worked with brands such as Nike, ebay and YouTube on digital ad campaigns.

As with Mother London, Instrument goes for open space in a big way, removing any physical barriers that can get in the way of creativity.

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However, if employees need a private moment, they can pop into the ‘thought tee-pee’ for a quiet chat.

10. SoundCloud, Berlin

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Hours can be lost walking around the streets of Berlin, taking in the stunning architecture. However, if you step inside the offices of online music distributor SoundCloud, the spectacle continues.

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A communal seating area next to the reception is the perfect place to enjoy the fresh pancakes you’ve just made in the staff canteen.

What do you think of our list? Do you think your office can contend with the ones above? Get in touch and let us know using the comments below.


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