10 jobs due for a payrise in 2017

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By Eleanor O'Neil, CA Today

7 February 2017

Financial and digital experts can expect higher remuneration for their skills in 2017, according to research by Robert Half.

The annual Salary Guide report from the finance recruitment specialists has revealed which positions in the UK can expect the highest average salary gains this year.

The research is compiled from company executive survey responses and data gathered from the Robert Half website.

Better wage packets seem evenly targeted at workers with financial experience and those with digital capabilities, indicating a shift in business trends toward future planning and risk management.

Phil Sheridan, Senior Managing Director, said: "The rise in starting salaries is a reflection of organisations taking on business transformation projects, financial planning and risk mitigation which is adding additional strain on the limited supply of professionals with these skills.

“To win the growing war for talent, businesses need to offer competitive salaries, opportunities for development and a supportive company culture to remain an employer of choice.”

Highest salary gains, Robert Half 2017 Salary Guide

Job titleCurrent average salary rangePredicted increase
Financial Planning/Analysis Manager (large company)£64,000 - £82,0005.8%
Senior Operational Risk Manager£85,000 - £120,5005.2%
Project Manager, Accounting and Finance£45,000 - £51,5004.9%
Developer£27,500 - £48,0004.5%
Financial Controller£59,500 - £72,7504.3%
Operational Risk Manager£62,000 - £95,0004.3%
Mobile App Developer£36,000 - £62,0004.3%
Junior Developer£19,500 - £30,0004.3%
Financial Planning/Analysis Manager (SME)£65,000 - £73,5004.1%
Commercial Finance Controller (large company)£76,250 - £94,250 4.0%

Roles in financial planning and analysis top the list with an expected increase of 5.8% in large companies and 4.1% in small to medium enterprises.

This is the second year that mobile application developers, operational risk managers and financial controllers have appeared on the list, as skilled professionals in these fields remain in high demand.

The report also revealed that two-thirds of leaders in the financial sector expect the salaries of current employees to rise and 38% predict bonuses will increase.

The CA Salary Survey 2016 showed that 36% of CAs received an above-inflation pay rise last year and that CA financial controllers make an above average £89,600 a year.

What do you think about the predicted increases, from an employer or employee aspect? Tell us in the comments below.


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