Shahbaz Mirza CA

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Throughout the year, ICAS will be sharing the real and inspiring stories of CAs and their experiences as part of our initiative – Proud to be a CA. Our members should be rightly proud of the 'CA' badge and it should be recognised for its value and meaning.

For Shahbaz Mirza, the “roadmap for life” the ICAS qualification provides makes him Proud to be a CA.

It was this roadmap which led him to travel across the globe, consulting for innovative FinTech start-ups.

Shahbaz makes it clear that the 21st century CA is not someone who will “sit in an office and count money all day”, but that they are creative and disciplined professionals with many career avenues open to them.

In this video, Shahbaz shares his thoughts on why young people should see the creative merits to the CA qualification.

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