Iain Mackay CA

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Throughout the year, ICAS will be sharing the real and inspiring stories of CAs and their experiences as part of our initiative – Proud to be a CA. Our members should be rightly proud of the 'CA' badge and it should be recognised for its value and meaning.

The international recognition of the knowledge and ethos that comes with being a CA is something that Iain Mackay is immensely proud of.

His qualification has taken him from Group Finance Director of one of the largest banks in the world, to his current role at pharmaceutical giant GSK as the company’s Chief Financial Officer.

Setting high standards for the profession in ethics and leadership is something that Iain see as the “core” of what ICAS and CAs stand for.

Hear how Iain thinks CAs can take the lead on the ethics of technology and learn more about why he is Proud to be a CA.

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