Heather Stokes CA

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Throughout the year, ICAS will be sharing the real and inspiring stories of CAs and their experiences as part of our initiative – Proud to be a CA. Our members should be rightly proud of the 'CA' badge and it should be recognised for its value and meaning.

The pride Heather Stokes holds in her CA qualification comes from the sure footing it gave her to follow her passion of a career in the fashion industry.

Having trained with EY in the firm’s tax department specialising in the energy sector, Heather was grateful for the experience she had gained but felt it was time for a her to move on to a new challenge.

When Heather decided she wanted to move into the role of Financial Analyst at Harvey Nichols, she said “it was the CA qualification that put me in that position to be able to go forward for it.”

Watch Heather discuss why it is time to dispel the old accounting stereotypes and why she is Proud to be a CA.

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