ICAS initiative promotes the value of CAs as business advisers

CA adviser initiative

ICAS initiative emphasises the value CAs have as business advisers.

In October 2016, ICAS launched an initiative to promote CAs as sound business advisers who can drive growth and add immense value to businesses.

As part of the initiative, firms could request a pack of print and digital marketing materials allowing them to benefit from the public facing initiative and proudly say “we are CAs”. ICAS also marketed the initiative at Edinburgh Airport and on digital channels.

There has been positive engagement from our firms and the public, resulting in a 25% increase in visits to the ‘Find a CA’ search tool on the ICAS website.  

In April, ICAS will continue to promote the benefits of using a CA to business owners and the general public. Marketing activity will include advertisements in Scotrail trains across Scotland, which will be running for four weeks starting on 17 April.  

The initiative will provide business owners with valuable guidance about choosing, appointing and assessing their business advisers, as well as understanding the difference a CA could make.

ICAS Executive Director of Professional Standards, Michelle Mullen, said: "I am pleased with the response we have had so far for this initiative, but I would encourage all of our firms to embrace the campaign.  

“Our research suggests that more members of the public are searching for CAs on the ICAS website. For the next phase we are looking to expand the reach of the campaign, allowing us to inform more business owners of the real impact a CA can make.”

How to get involved

To find out more or to request a pack for your firm, visit ca.icas.com.

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