Grow your business with a CA

Make sure your adviser is a CA

A CA can give you expert advice to help you manage your business with confidence no matter what stage it's at.

Staying ahead of your competitors requires having lean and efficient business processes in place to support effective decision making. A CA can help your business reduce costs, mitigate risk and improve efficiency.

You’ll need a CA…

To help with your business finances

Planning for the future and setting realistic profit and cash flow forecasts is essential to ensure the financial health of your business. Whether you require accounts to assess past performance, to plan future growth strategies or for tax reasons, a CA can provide a full range of account preparation services, including book keeping, management accounts, and audit and assurance.

To ensure your business is compliant

All limited companies must file a set of annual accounts at Companies House. CAs can provide a secure e-filing service with Companies House and help you maintain your statutory books. Even if your business is audit exempt, engaging a CA to conduct an independent review of your annual reports can add credibility to your accounts with third parties and it gives you the confidence to make investment decisions based on your figures.

To help with tax

Efficient tax planning can have a significant impact on your financial security and requires the in-depth knowledge of an expert. A CA can help ensure your finances are as tax efficient as possible by providing advice on Capital Allowances, Capital Gains Tax, Corporation Tax, Income Tax, Trust and Inheritance Tax, and Research and Development Tax Credits.

To help you comply with regulation

VAT planning can have a big impact on the cash flow and profitability of your business but it is often overlooked. CAs who specialise in VAT for business can help you with: VAT compliance – including registration, record keeping advice and returns submissions; VAT liability advice for goods and services; VAT planning to help minimise costs and maximise recovery; preparation for VAT inspections and investigations; and HMRC assessments and tribunal appeals.

If you need an audit

Independent, objective assurance and advice could help improve your business' risk management, internal control and governance activities. Engaging a CA specialising in internal audit will help your business mitigate risk and encourages continual improvement through objective analysis.

When you apply for a business loan or overdraft

A CA can help you prepare your loan application and pull together the supporting information lenders will look for including a business plan, financial records and projections, repayment plan and any additional security. Using a CA will also give the lender confidence in you and your plans.

Before you buy or sell a business

A CA can help you value a business to ensure you are not paying over market value and assess the risks involved in buying it. Once you have agreed a price and terms with the seller your CA will be able to conduct a financial due diligence review of the business' books and records to ensure there are no hidden surprises before you take ownership.

If you are planning to sell your business, a CA can provide invaluable advice and support to get your business ready for sale and throughout the process to ensure you get the best possible result.

Even if you are not planning on selling your business, having a true and fair valuation of your company can help you with any investment or management decisions you need to make. Whether you are looking to raise capital through the sale of shares or raise finance, a CA will be able to provide you with a fair value for your business.

If you’re going global

Expanding into overseas markets could open up new opportunities for your business but there are considerations that you need to be aware of which can make the difference between success and failure. A CA can provide expert advice on import and export controls; UK tax implications; local market laws and tax requirements; and corporate structure.

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