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Make sure your adviser is a CA

By hiring a CA, you get more than an accountant; you get a business adviser. Nikki Gray, Partner at Gray Associates along with father-in-law, Alistair Gray, tells us about the value of being a CA and the benefits of engaging in the ICAS initiative ‘Make sure your adviser is a CA’.

1. Tell us about your firm and what you do?

Although Alistair has held his practising certificate for more than 30 years, Gray Associates was formed in 2014.  We pride ourselves in being a small practice offering accounting and business advisory services, being able to give our clients the time their businesses deserve.  We offer the standard services of accounts preparation, tax work, payroll and so on, but we believe where we really add value is providing our clients with sound business advice to help them move their businesses in the direction they want them to.  We have embraced the digital age that is occurring within the accounting industry, and are big believers in the advantages of the cloud.  We became certified Xero partners late last year, which we are enjoying using alongside our clients.

2. What does being an ICAS CA mean to you and how does this make you stand out from a regular accountant?

I am very proud to be a CA.  ICAS is recognised and respected worldwide, and to be part of their network of CAs is very beneficial.  Anyone can call themselves an Accountant, but to be able to distinguish yourself as a CA is very valuable.  I believe it lets clients know that you are knowledgeable, trustworthy and regulated, which is very important in today’s world. The ICAS initiative enables CA firms to proudly showcase that they are a highly reputable CA.

3. A resource pack was provided to those taking part in the initiative. How have you used this?

Our main marketing is conducted through the local newspaper and Facebook, so we mainly used the digital resources provided.  We have shared the initiative banners on Facebook to raise awareness of the campaign and the fact that we are a CA firm, and both myself and Alistair use the email banners as part of our email signatures. I thought the campaign materials were attractive.

4. Has the initiative helped your firm and if so, in what way?

We have gained a lot of new clients in the last year, and although we can’t say for sure whether being part of this initiative has driven these new clients, it has certainly helped demonstrate that we are a reputable and trusted CA firm. The initiative helps demonstrate that we are more than just accountants who you meet once a year to get your accounts and tax return prepared – we are business advisors who can help clients get the best out of themselves and their business.  As a CA firm, it has been great to be able to use the materials to promote this message.

5. Would you recommend joining the campaign to other CA firms?

Yes, I would recommend joining the initiative.  I can’t think of any reasons why you wouldn’t want to promote and distinguish yourself as a CA firm.  For us, many of our clients are happy knowing that we are properly trained and regulated to the highest standards. The initiative helps us to promote this benefit and that we are a highly reputable CA.

If you are an eligible CA firm, you can engage in this initiative and receive a free marketing resource pack like Gray Associates. More information and resource packs are available on request.

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