ICAS Young Leaders Board

Young Leaders Board

The ICAS Young Leaders Board acts as a link between ICAS’ boards and committees and CAs under 35. The role of the Board is to support ICAS’ business plan and feed into its strategic direction, specifically activity related to engaging with under 35s.

The focus for the Board falls under three key objectives;

  1. Create a powerful business network for young professionals
  2. Create cutting edge digital content
  3. Develop an Institute for entrepreneurship

The Board includes representation from One Young CA winners and top 35 CAs under 35 finalists. For further information about the ICAS Young Leaders Board, please email youngleadersboard@icas.com.

ICAS Young Leaders Board profiles

Suzy Kerton, CA - Chair

Suzy Kerton

MBA student, Imperial College London

Suzy is currently an MBA student at Imperial College Business School and also runs her accounting practice servicing start-ups and small businesses. In her previous role in the Cabinet Office, she supported the finance team in preparing the financial statements of the Cabinet Office and dealing with audit queries from the National Audit Office. 

Prior to this role, Suzy was CFO at ClearBooks plc. Suzy is passionate about gender equality and set up a group called The Allies at Imperial College Business School to encourage men and women to work together towards gender parity.

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Heather Abel, CA 
Heather Abel

Tax Adviser, Shell, London

Heather trained to become a CA with EY in the Tax Compliance & Advisory Financial Services team in Edinburgh, and then transferred to EY’s International Tax Services team in London. 

After 5 years with EY, Heather joined Shell as a Tax Advisor in the Holdings & Treasury Tax Team based in London. Heather has recently returned to London from a one-year assignment in Shell Canada’s Tax Audits & Litigation team, based in Calgary. 

During this assignment, Heather significantly contributed to a project aiming to incorporate Shell Canada into Shell's vision of its offshore tax operation becoming a centre of tax expertise for filing and reporting, and also supported Shell's dispute resolution work. 

Heather was a top 35 CA under 35 finalist in the influence & innovation category in the 2016 One Young CA. 

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Rimla Akhtar, MBE CA One Young CA 2016
Rimla Akhtar

Inclusion & Diversity Consultant, RimJhim Consulting, London

Rimla’s exponential rise in position and authority within the sports industry is unparalleled for a woman of her background, demonstrating her tenacity, integrity and commitment to always working with her core values. 

She is an inspiration to both men and women who can see now, through her achievements, that it could be possible for them as well. As an extremely respected individual within the sports industry, Rimla’s knowledge and experience working with various communities is well sought after. 

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Heather Donald, CA
Heather Donald

Sustainability Manager, Heathrow Airport Ltd, London 

Heather is Sustainability Manager at Heathrow Airport Ltd where she is responsible for coordinating the development and implementation of Heathrow’s sustainability communications and engagement strategy. 

She is also member of the ICAS Sustainability Committee and Lead Alumni on the University of Liverpool’s Social Enterprise and Impact Professional Interest Network. 

Heather was a top 35 CA under 35 finalist in the sustainability & corporate social responsibility category in the 2016 One Young CA. 

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Indy Hothi, CA One Young CA 2015
Indy Hothi

Economist and Strategy consultant, EY London 

Indy Hothi is an economist and strategy consultant with EY in London. His role involves advising public and private sector organisations on the economic, social and fiscal impact of their organisations. 

He has worked with clients across a number of industries including the Premier League and Rugby World Cup. Through his passion for social and humanitarian causes, Indy is a trustee of a charity which provides humanitarian aid in disaster areas and civil conflict zones. 

Indy is also co-founder of social enterprise, ‘Hothi & Othi’ which supports emerging artists from developing countries by showcasing their work in established galleries around the world. 

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Katherine Ritchie, CA
Katherine Ritchie

Executive, EY, London

After graduating with an economics and geography degree from the University of Sheffield, Katherine took a gap year travelling to India and Australia. On return, she joined EY on the Transaction (TAS) graduate programme and has since spent over three years in Operational Transaction Services (OTS). 

During her time at EY, Katherine has participated in the EY secondment programme, spending time working in the EY Dubai OTS practice. 

She is actively involved in the Sheffield campus team, meeting future candidates as well as mentoring students. 

Katherine was a top 35 CA under 35 finalist in the leadership category in the 2016 One Young CA. 

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