Diversity at ICAS

ICAS recognises the benefit of having a diverse membership and sees increasing diversity as an essential facet of a modern and global profession. ICAS’ multiple geographic roots and its increasing global approach will continue to inform our perspective on diversity.

A greater diversity of ideas, skills, regional and industry experience, knowledge, ethnicity and gender throughout ICAS’ membership is very important for the continuing long-term success of the profession. This also applies when it comes to the ICAS internal staffing composition and also the composition of Council and the Boards.

The gender pay reporting requirements came into effect on 6 April 2017 as an amendment to the Equality Act 2010, requiring employers with 250 employees or more to publish prescribed statistics relating to UK employee pay. For businesses and charities, the deadline to publish is by 4 April each year and by 30 March each year for public sector organisations.

Gender pay reporting is part of the UK Government’s strategy to reduce the gender pay gap in a generation.

ICAS employs fewer than 250 employees but has decided to voluntarily publish our gender pay report and take a leading position in supporting the transparency of gender pay at this time.

ICAS’ 2018 Gender Pay Report

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