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Voting in the ICAS 2019 Council Elections is now open

The deadline for the receipt of nominations for Office Bearer and electoral area and open seats on Council closed at 5pm on 15 March 2019. You will receive an email inviting you to vote in the election of the Vice President. This is the only position that you are able to vote on, as none of the electoral area or open seats were contested.

Here is a message from ICAS CEO Bruce Cartwright CA summarising the changes he has made with the support of Council since his appointment as CEO of ICAS.

This year's Vice President election is now open. Your vote is important so please remember to vote before 12 noon on 24 April 2019. Hear from this year's candidates here.

To vote, please refer to the email which has been sent to all members from or the pack that was sent to you by post (depending on your preference). If you haven’t received the email, please check your spam/junk folder. If you can’t locate the email, please contact

Here is a message from ICAS Secretary Frances Horsburgh summarising the ICAS Council Elections process.

For the 2019 elections, the agreed qualities for office bearers were:

  • Commands the respect of Council and is capable of inspiring confidence in members and Stakeholders.
  • Well informed about the issues facing the spectrum of members.
  • A demonstrable leader and strategic thinker.
  • Effective in communication and public speaking.
  • Committed to ICAS.
  • Diplomatic, personable and capable of building relationships.
  • Has sufficient availability and flexibility to discharge the requirements of the role.
  • Ability to operate as part of a cohesive team with complementary skills.
  • A good personal and professional reputation.

For information, the following nominations were received for the electoral area and open seats:

Electoral Area Seats

Glasgow & West of Scotland

  • Sobhan Afzal


  • None

South West Scotland

  • None

England, Wales and Northern Ireland

  • Jason Harvie

Open Area Seats

  • Jim Robertson
  • Derek Treanor

The personal statements and videos of the candidates for the Vice President are available to view on the elections website. Details on how to access can be found in the email inviting you to vote on the election of the Vice President.

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