Re-Instatement to ICAS Membership

Any individual who has been removed from ICAS Membership can apply to be reinstated.

All applications for re-instatement are considered in accordance with ICAS' Admission Regulations.

In order to apply for re-instatement you are required to complete an application form, providing certain information including details of all continued personal development activities. You will also be required to make full payment of all sums you would have paid if you had remained in Membership, along with a re-instatement fee.

Individuals who have been out of Membership for more than three years are likely to be asked to successfully pass examinations, to demonstrate that professional knowledge has been retained to the required standard.

Further information on the re-instatement process and details of where to send your application can be found within our Re-instatement to Membership Guide.

Retention of ICAS Membership

A Member of ICAS who becomes insolvent will automatically be removed from Membership 14 days from the date of insolvency, unless an application for retention in Membership is submitted.

The ICAS Rules define insolvency as any form or arrangement (statutory or non-statutory) for the purpose of management and repayment of a Member or Affiliate's debts to his or hers creditors, which includes bankruptcy, trust deeds, IVAs and Debt Agreement Schemes (DAS).

If you wish to be retained in Membership, you will need to complete an application form and return it to ICAS within the 14-day timescale. Failure to do so will mean you will be automatically removed from Membership after these 14 days as per ICAS Rule 3.13.2.

The ICAS Investigation Committee and ICAS Council will determine your application. Further information on the retention process can be found within ICAS'  Admission Regulations and Retention Application Guide.

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