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By Alex Burden, CA Today

12 September 2017

What would it take to help you change your working life, or choose a direction for success? We caught up with the busy entrepreneur and Young Leaders Summit keynote speaker, Holly Tucker MBE, on the tools and qualities you need in your arsenal to become a success.

The co-founder of online marketplace, and founder of Holly & Co, a place for small business owners and creatives, jam-packed with advice and inspiration, notes the following ingredients for accomplishment.

The key skills to become a leader

“The ability to admit when you've made mistakes, and to truly learn from them. Failure is just as important as success. As scary and frustrating as it can be at the time, sometimes making a mistake is one of the greatest things you can ever do,” explained Holly.

“It's not until you're a bit further along in your journey, that you can turn around and connect the dots to see that you've been exactly where you're meant to be all along.”

The flash of inspiration that led to launching her own business

“I was making and selling ‘less ordinary’ wreaths [constructed out of unusual materials such as chilli and artichokes] when I was in my mid-twenties, but struggled to find markets to sell them at,” said Holly.

Your intuition is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal.

“At the age of 25, I started a company called ‘Your Local Fair’ so that I could do just that, and have the best stall in the process! I knew that there was a real appetite for a marketplace of curated, creative small businesses under one roof, but I also quickly realised that as soon as the weather was bad, people didn’t go to fairs.

"The internet was just coming into its own, and an idea was born; a 24-hour online marketplace; minus the wind and rain (!),”

Words of wisdom for the next generation of business leaders

“Trust your gut. Your intuition is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal, don't be afraid to use it,” emphasised Holly. “Even if others challenge you or disagree with you, don't ignore your inner compass.”

How can you get involved?

By taking part in the five life-changing hours of the Young Leaders Summit, where you can network with leading CAs, participate in 'Lightning Talks' focussing on unleashing innovation, next gen leadership and igniting your entrepreneurial spark, as well as checking out the special keynote speeches from Holly, and Kate Robertson, co-founder of One Young World, a gathering of young leaders seeking to solve global issues.

Join us for this exclusive networking opportunity for CA Young Leaders on 14 Sept. The Young Leaders Summit will be held in the stunning Leadenhall Building, otherwise known as 'The Cheesegrater', in London. Enjoy fascinating keynote speakers at this unique opportunity for CAs.

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