Proud to be a CA

The pride of the CA qualification comes from the versatility, opportunities and experiences it creates, allowing CAs to achieve remarkable success whilst giving back to society through their careers.

ICAS will be sharing the real and inspiring stories of CAs and their experiences for 2019. Our members should be rightly proud of the 'CA' badge and it should be recognised for its value and meaning.

Join us on our campaign to ditch misconceptions that the CA is just about accountancy, and find out why it has meant so much to so many. Most of all, be Proud to be a CA.

Ricky Munday CA

Watch Ricky Munday discuss his career and the benefits of the CA qualification.

Colleen Welsh CA

Hear from Colleen Welsh CA on how becoming a CA has advanced her career.

Jonny Jacobs CA

Jonny Jacobs CA talks about his career and the impact of becoming a Chartered Accountant.

Fly the flag for our profession

CAs help boost the economy and contribute to society, which is why we are launching the “Proud to be a CA” campaign, exp..